Battle grounds mobile india official release date confirmed | Android and IOS release date of BGMI | Quick reports at

By aniruddha - 11 june 2021



Battlegrounds mobile india official release date has been announced | the predictions of official release are made clear | A special version of pubg mobile for indians is coming in between 17 june and 21 june.

Confirm release date of bgmi

There are many predictions made by the fans / users / youtubers regarding the release date of bgmi. But finally the official has made it clear, battle grounds mobile india will be released in between 17 june and 21 june and there are a lots of predictions of game to be released on 20 june. It is good news for gamers in India who have been awaiting for the comeback of PUBG Mobile after last yearโ€™s ban.

Same game with a new name, Pubg mobile has become the most played game in india and the love from the youth has made the unban possible.

Whats new in bgmi?

There were many question asked recently that whats new in battlegrounds mobile india is there something special ? and the answer for this question is yes there are many special things which has been specially added in BGMI to impress the existing players of pubg mobile from india and also to attract new players.

Pubg mobile never disappointed the gamers, they always kept adding new and cool stuff to keep their players engaged and happy. And there are many expectations of gamers this time from krafton.

IOS release date?

BGMI will be released in IOS on 15 august according to our reports. All IOS players will get game by 16 august

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