Dynamo gaming aka aditya sawant net worth, esports salary, age, carrier and personal information

By shubham - 22 october 2021

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Dynamo gaming whos real name is aditya sawant is a 24 year old gamer and a youtube gaming content creator. Aditya sawants carrier information with his salary, net worth and overall important things are discussed below.

Who is dynamo gaming ?

Aditya sawant who is popularly known as dynamo gaming is a youtube with 10 milion+ subscribers which is the largest subscribed pubg mobile/bgmi gaming youtube channel today.

Today, aditya is one of the famous pubg mobile youtuber from india. He was the first youtuber to gain much more popularity in the gaming community as gaming craze sky rocketed in india. Being an pubg mobile emulator player he started to gain hate but he did not stopped and ignoring the negativity till today he is one of the domination pubg mobile player. Also today many of his old views know him by patt se headshot wala 😬

Dynamo gaming net worth

Dynamo is on youtube from past 5 years but after pubg mobile launch he started gaming popularity and now dynamo gaming has crossed more than a billion total views on youtube recently.

Talking about dynamos net worth we estimate it to be around 15 crore indian rupees .

Dynamos earning sources includes youtube revenue, brand promotions, external business revenue.

Monthly earnings of dynamo gaming

Dynamos biggest earning source of today is youtube revenue. By publishing gaming videos and youtube streaming he has gained a lot of regular viewers. He gets more than 10/14 million views monthly.

According to our study and experience youtube on average pays 50,000 rs for 1 million views. So if we consider this data to calculate dynamos monthly youtube earnings it estimates around 7/9 lakh rupees per month. And yearly around 1 crore indian rupees. This amount is greater than any top software engineers salary in india 😜.

Dynamo gaming carrier information

Dynamo Gaming started its career 4-6 years ago. Dynamo used to stream pc games there. But there was not much watching on those games. At that time, there are views between 50 to 100. Then there is the entry of pubg. Then Dynamo started streaming PUBG pc. He did not get any special response. But the dynamo did not give up.

After this, Dynamo streaming the pubg mobile emulator, where their live watching went beyond 1K on the very first day. Since then the dynamo streams the pubg. Some time ago Dynamo has shifted to mobile and Dynamo now takes out a lot of gameplay on mobile too

Name Instagram Twitter
aditya sawant dynamo__gaming dynamo_op

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