Free fire free redeem codes for september month | 100% working latest free fire redeem codes, redeem them and get exciting rewards like diamond voucher, skins etc.

By darshan - 6 september 2021

free fire


Get exclusive 10 free fire redeem codes with 100% working guarantee, use this free fire redeem codes and get exciting rewards like Head Hunting Parachute, Phantom Bear Bundle, Shirou Free Fire Character, free diamonds, etc. Check the below mentioned redeem codes and use them to get rewards, we have also mentioned how to use the codes with steps.

Validity of Free Fire Redeem Codes ?

There are many free redeem codes available but the main suqestion everyone gets is its validity. Some free fire redeem codes are available for a long period while some for a very short period like 5/7 days, also some redeem codes are for limited number of people. Once the redeem code threshold reaches you cannot redeem it.

How to redeem free fire redeem codes ?

There are a very few stays to follow to redeem free fire redeem codes.

Steps to redeem free fire codes :

1) Visit the official Free fire redeem codes reward redemption website.

2) Log in to your account using Your Facebook, Google, Twitter, or Apple IDs.

3) Then, Copy and paste any of the Free fire redeem codes. You have to paste the available codes into the text box provided.

4) Then, click on the confirm button to continue and you need to confirm the box that mainly opens for cross-checking the request.

5) Now, You can check the game mail section for rewards and you will get the redeemed rewards within 24 hours.

free fire redeem codes

Redeem the following redeem codes and try your luck, if your lucky then definitely you are going to get rewarded 😋











Some additional free fire redeem codes with less priority rewards :











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Top 10 blockchain games, best crypto games to play in 2021 | play and earn bitcoin game of skill

Date - 8 september 2021 | Author - aniruddha


What are crypto games ?

Crypto games are games based on blockchain technology which is famous and advanced technology also used in crypto currencies. The craze for blockchain is increasing day by day and so the things associated with it are ! Cryptocurrencies, crypto games, NFTs are some example of it.

We have created a list of top 10 crypto games which you can play online and win huge rewards.

Best crypto games online

According to dappradar, alien worlds is the game dominating the crypto games sector currently. But recently axie infinity had shown a lot of potential growth and many people estimates axie infinity will soon dominate crypto games sector.

Click here to check out all the best crypto games list in detail for more information. The below list shows top 10 best crypto games.

List of top 10 crypto games to earn online

We have gathered information from a lot of sources and below we are mentioning our list. Below mentioned is the list of 10 games which you can play and get huge rewards.

1) Axie infinity

2) Town star

3) Illuvium

4) My DeFi Pet

5) Revomon

6) Splinterlands

7) CryptoBlades

8) Lost Relics

9) Ethermon

10) Cometh

Axie Infinity

Axie infinity is currently number one game preferred by gamers to play and earn. The game allows users to buy, sell, breed, and trade the Axies. These are cute NFT creatures that have a different sets of skills that you can use for playing in battles.

Axie Infinity is the fastest-growing Play to Earn blockchain game at the moment. Right now, the game has 500,000 daily users. It also recently surpassed NBA Top Shot for all-time NFT sales.

Town star

Town start is a crypto game from the founder of Zynga and brilliant minds behind the successful FarmVille and Words With Friends, comes the next big thing—Town Star. Developed under Gala Games, Town Star has quickly captured the interests of many gamers especially those who truly loved playing FarmVille way back in 2009.

The game requires you to complete a six day cycle, then the world map after this. Not just the world map resets but aslo the players achievements as well. Each cycle, the player receives NFTs, GALA tokens, and many more.


Illuvium is built on the Ethereum blockchain. Like Axie Infinity, it is a solid gamified DeFi that allows you to earn ETHERIUM .

In the game, you battle with other players and you can collect these Illuvial in Shards stored on the blockchain. You can also go to Exchange if you want to trade these Illuvials from other players and watch out for the rare ones like Shiny, Gold, and Holographic captures.

My defi pet

My defi pet may be one of the most promising upcoming NFT games in the present. The game features lots of favourable earning and gaming mechanisms. Likely similar to Axie Infinity.

The in-game token is DPET—you can use this token to buy-trade pets, upgrade monsters and even unlock their features. Of course, apart from the tokens, you can also learn other rewards from the game.


Revomon is now available on the game version. This means that the experience is heightened, the same thing goes with earning while playing. Currently, the team is working on the next Alpha version is 1.2 which will integrate 3D art and NFTs also.

With several features incorporated, the social aspect, and competition within the game will be also enhanced. Revomon helps players earn cryptocurrency in a safe and secure marketplace. Toke nomics, $REVO, aims to do exactly that to create a balanced ecosystem of investors, project growth, and the game universe.

Alien worlds

Alien worlds is one of the best crypto game launched. Gamers who are astrophile or are interested in the space spectrum should definitely try this game.

In Alien Worlds metaverse one can run planet and become Planetary Council. A player can acquire NFT game cards (Land on Planets, Tools Weapons, Avatars, Minions, and Artifacts), mine Trilium, battle with other gamers, and complete ingame quests. One must be strategic in choosing, purchasing, and assembling the NFTs for their personal gameplay as this can influence the direction of the game entirely.

The cryptocurrency used in Alien Worlds is in ERC-20/BEP-20/WAX fungible token. This can be used to stake and vote in a certain Planet’s elections and is also distributed to the Federation which is tasked to make a functional Metaversal economy.

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