Jonathan gaming aka jonathan amarala net worth, esports salary, gaming journey and career information

By shubham - 11 october 2021

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Jonathan gaming whos real name is jonathan amarala is an professional esports player as well as a well know youtube content creator in gaming category. Jonathan amarala net worth, jonathans esports salary and other information is discussed below.

Jonathan gaming esports salary ?

Jonathan gaming is a professional bgmi esports player and is currently representing godlike esports. Previously jonathan was playing for tsm entity but due to some reasons the whole roaster is now playing for godlike esports.

Jonathan gaming is the highest paid esports player in the esports community with a monthly salary of 3 lac rs as per october 2021.

Jonathan gaming net worth ?

Jonathan gaming has multiple earning sources which includes youtube earnings, esports earnings and brandings, etc. Jonathan estimately earns around 8/10 lac rs per month which includes his youtube earnings as well as esports and brand earnings.

Talking about jonathans total net worth it is estimated to be around 8/10 crores as per year end of 2021. Jonathan has made his career very strong on basis of his gaming skills.

Instagram Twitter Youtube
ig_jonathangaming @tsment_jonathan JONATHANGAMINGYT

Jonathan gaming information ?

Jonathan is a 19 year old gamer boy who is also considered as one of the best gaming content creators in india. Also, he is famous over seas for his overall gaming skills and over whelming gaming performances in esports leagues.

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Is BGMI lite coming ?

Many players are still confused about the launch of BGMI lite. As we know it tooked 10/11 months for BGMI launch after pubg mobile ban and almost 2 months extra for BGMI IOS launch, we many expect a decent delay for the official launch of BGMI lite in india.

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BGMI lite official release ?

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Changes we can see in BGMI lite

There are a lot of this that are seen in BGMI release. So definitely to compact with indian rules krafton will do all the manditory changes in BGMI lite also. Changes like "kills" word is renamed by "finishes", an intro of virtual world at begging of every game, and many minor and major changes like data privacy, etc are expected.

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