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By shubham - 2 october 2021

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List of top 5 indian bgmi esports players who have highest salary in the community. Esports players salary depends on their performance in esports tournaments, this players get paid from their belonging entities like s8ul, godlike, mym, etc. We have made the list of top 5 highest paid esports players bgmi in india and this list includes only the income they generate from esports salary and not from other sources like brand promotions, youtube earnings, businesses, etc.

How esports players make money ?

There are multiple sources from where esports players can earn. They can earn from brand promotions, youtube, streaming platforms, business and many more. But top esports players make more money from esports salary because of their good performances in esports tournaments.

Almost all the esports teams are backed by great or upcoming entities. Some well known entities are s8ul, godlike, orange rock, fnatic, etc .

List of top 5 esports players in india with highest salary

After a lot of good research from our team we have made the list of top 5 esports players with highest salary.

Esports players list

1) jonathan

2) Scout

3) Mavi

4) Zgod

5) Vexe

Jonathan esports salary

jonathan whose real name is Jonathan Amaral is a 19 year old bgmi esports players who is currently the number one highest salary paid esports player from godlike esports.

Jonathan has a salary of 3 lakh per month. this amount does not include jonathans youtube earnings. 3 lakh rs is the amount paid by godlike for his performance in esport tournaments.

Jonathan has more than 3 million subscribers on youtube and he is also assotiated with brands like mamaearth. Jonathans net worth is more than 1.5 crores

Scout esports salary

Scout whose real name is tanmay singh is a 25 year old bgmi esports players who is currently the number second highest salary paid esports player from s8ul And also he is considered as one of the best gaming streamer.

Scout has a salary of 2-2.5 lakh per month. this amount does not include scouts youtube earnings or any other sources.

Scout has more than 4 million subscribers on youtube and is famous for his gaming skills specially bgmi skills.

Mavi esports salary

Mavi whose real name is harmandeep singh is a 25 year old bgmi esports players who is currently the number third highest salary paid esports player from s8ul And also he is considered as one of the best gaming streamer.

Mavi has a salary of 2-2.5 lakh per month. Same like scout who is already mentioned earlier. Mavi is considered as the best friend of scout.

Mavi has more than 1.2 million subscribers on youtube. Mavi is assotiated with many famous brands like AMD, mamaearth, etc.

Zgod esports salary

Zgod whose real name is Abhishek choudhary is a bgmi esports players who is currently the number fourth highest salary paid esports player from godlike. He is a part of one of the best bgmi roaster. Jonathan who was mentioned earlier is his best friend.

Zgod has a salary of 2 lakh per month. this amount does not include zgods youtube earnings or any other sources.

Zgod has more than 200k subscribers on youtube and is famous for his gaming skills specially bgmi skills.

Vexe esports salary

Vexe whose real name is arth trivedi is a bgmi esports players who is currently the number fifth highest salary paid esports player from megastars.

vexe has a salary of 1.5/1.8 lakh per month.

Vexe has more than 150k subscribers on youtube. vexe sexy is one of the best player and his performance is increasing day by day. Megastars bgmi roaster is also considered as one of the best roaster after godlike and s8ul.

Esports future in india

Gaming is now one of the biggest industry in india and is getting exposure at a great speed. 40% of the youth in india is playing games daily according to some surveys. Many organisations are getting into esports as there is a lot of scope in this field. According to our study in the next 5 years esports will be considered as a main stream income for many gamers in india.

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game design degree online | best colleges to complete game design degree or game development online

Date - 19 september 2021 | Author - aniruddha


How to get game design degree online ?

Get done with your game design degree online, no need to do dedicated offline courses of game designing when everything is available for almost free or best rates on internet today.

We have mentioned top 5 best colleges in india for game design degree and game development online. Easy admission process with best faculty for game design and development.

List of top 5 colleges for game design degree

1) National institute of design

2) ICAT Design & Media College

3) SGT University

4) VIT Bhopal University

5) MIT ADT University

1) National institute of design

National insitute of design is one of the best game design degree college in india and is recommended for all the people who are highly interested in quality video game development.

Austin davis and shekhar bhaatacharjee are the best in the game design faculty for the students. please visit the college website for detail information and fee structure etc.

NID entrance exam

NID conducts a two-stage entrance exam, NID Design Aptitude Test (DAT), to select candidates for admission to its BDes, MDes and GDPD courses. NID DAT is further divided into two stages: NID DAT Prelims is conducted in stage 1 and NID DAT Mains is conducted in stage 2. This stage 1 examination is a pen and paper-based written test aims to evaluate the candidates visualisation skills, creative & observation skills, knowledge, comprehension, analytical ability etc. This test is a mix of subjective and objective type questions and holds a weightage of 30% in the total scheme of examination. NID DAT prelims are generally held in the month of December-January every year

NID campuses in india

NID has over 6 campuses in india. The NID has presence in the following states like gujrat, andhra pradesh, madhya pradesh, haryana, assam and karnataka.

2) ICAT Design & Media College

ICAT Design & Media College is a 17 year old multi faculty college which has a good game development student batch. check their student work here examples of 2d art, 3d art and video games design.

ICAT is a complete dedicated college for all the creative people assotiated with game designing and development, VFX, 3d arts, etc.

ICAT admission

Every department within the institute requires that applicants send in an artists statement, along with a portfolio or audition (depending on the program) to be considered for admission. The school does not review an applicants documents without consent of the applicant and does not consider an applicants academic marks as part of the admission process but must complete grade 12 for undergraduate programs and a degree in any stream is required for postgraduate programs.

ICAT campuses in india

ICAT has total 3 campuses in india. The three campuses are down in the urban area mainly chennai, bangalore and hyderabad. The hyderabad campus is the highest rated campus of ICAT, students say they have a very good student life at ICAT hyderbad campus.


SGT UNIVERSITY is a fully-developed institutional area with a modern infrastructure and academic aura. In keeping with its vision and mission, the campus has been designed and developed with a great sense of aesthetics to provide an eco-friendly environment and ambience to stimulate the learning process.

SGT university has a good hiring status, top companies like apple, IBM, cisco, NSE and also some great gaming companies hire from sgt university.

SGT Campus Information

The sprawling 60 acre SGT University campus hosts state-of-the-art lecture halls, laboratories, and library, a 500 bedded hospital, office space for faculties, seminar halls, conference halls, an auditorium and infrastructure for sports and extra curricular activities. The classrooms are spacious and well equipped with modern teaching aids. The entire campus is Wi-Fi enabled. The fully air-conditioned library offers internet facility for the students. The transport facility includes 15 buses that ply throughout the city and the outskirts.

SGT admission

ALL INDIA (including Haryana): A candidate applying from any part of the country (including Haryana), who complies with the minimum eligibility criteria as mentioned in the brochure would be eligible for admission to the university. HARYANA (General): A candidate, who is a resident of Haryana and complies with the minimum eligibility criteria, available seats, if any, under this category will be transferred to the All India (including Haryana) category. A candidate, who applies under a reserved category, will first be considered under the All India Category. Only in case, he/she does not get a seat, he/she will be considered under the reserved category subject to the availability of a seat and as per his/her merit. For all other details on the procedure and criteria of admission please visit here โ€“ For information on fees, please visit here .

4) VIT Bhopal University

VIT Bhopal University which started from Vellore Engineering College 35 years ago to four Universities in India, today, is a result of constant efforts to impart high quality of education. The Govt. of India has recognized VIT as No. 1 Private Institution for Innovation, ARIIA 2019, and the recent recognition, as an Institution of Eminence, has paved a way to focus more on research with international collaborations to move up in the global ranking and contribute in the capacity building of our nation. VIT is one of the best college for game design degree online.

VIT information

VIT Bhopal University, envisioned with a new global outlook will empower its aspirants to attain excellence through learning. The comprehensive teaching methodology designed by the University, rede๏ฌnes the approach to learning, educating and building knowledge-based societies in the country. Collaboration with reputed national and international organisation and strategic partnerships with universities around the world are being established, to prepare a globally competent generation of professionals.

VIT vision

We at VIT University will impart futuristic technical education and high patterns of discipline through our dedicated staff, who shall set global standards, making our students technologically superior and ethically strong, who in turn shall improve the quality of life of the human race.

5) MIT ADT University

MIT ADT University (MIT Art Design and Technology University) is a place where creativity and innovation coexist. MIT ADT has been established under the flagship of the prestigious MIT Group of Institutions. It is a UGC recognized multidisciplinary University and has been bestowed with the Best Campus Award by ASSOCHAM. MIT ADT spans across a vast green stretch of 125 acres of land at Vishwaraj Baugh Loni, Kalbhor, Pune.

MIT information

MIT Art, Design and Technology University, Pune has been established under the MIT Art, Design and Technology University Act, 2015 (Maharashtra Act No. XXXIX of 2015). The University commenced its operations successfully from 27th June 2016 and has been conferred with the best University Campus Award at 10th National Education Excellence Awards, 2017, by ASSOCHAM, India. The University has a unique blend of Art, Design, and Technology as the core of its academics. MIT Art, Design and Technology University has been taking a holistic approach towards education where in the students are being motivated to build a complete winning personality which is physically fit, intellectually sharp, mentally alert and spiritually elevated. The students are being encouraged to participate in yoga, meditation, physical training, spiritual, communication skill and other personality development programs. Currently, they have around 7000 students studying in the various schools of higher education under the University viz. Engineering and Technology, Food Technology, Bioengineering, Arts, Design, Marine Engineering, Journalism and Broadcasting, Film and Television, Music (Hindustani Classical Vocal and Instrumental), Teacher Education and Vedic Sciences.

Please visit every mentioned college official website for detailed information on fees structure, education period and online courses availability.
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